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My Struggles Were Real, But Not a Burden - by Rebecca Nygaard

My Turner syndrome (TS) journey started before I was born as I was diagnosed in utero due to the miscarriage of my twin early on. It wasn’t until the age of 5 that my growth started to slow. I started growth hormones in 1998, and continued till 2008, right before starting high school.

School was for sure tough, but after getting held back in 4th grade, it improved significantly after being put with a new group of kids. Medically, the struggles were and still are real, but I don’t take that as a burden. I look at that as a pathway which led me to a career in healthcare, and I could not be more thankful for that! I continue to get regular checkups and keep on top of my health, which would the biggest advice I have on this journey.


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