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It's Okay to Ask for Help - by Payton Wyatt

Hi! My name is Payton Wyatt, and I was born with Turners syndrome (TS). I started with the growth hormone treatments at age 6. I have always been very good with reading, vocabulary, and writing. However, math is definitely not my strong suit by any means. As I’ve gotten older, I have started to have more interest in educating people on my condition.

One of my favorite things that I educate people on is how rare this condition actually is. This piques their interest, and they always end up asking me more about TS. I have always been smaller than all my peers. That’s never stopped me from living a normal life and doing things that I love.

Although some everyday things at my height are harder to do than others, I try to be as independent as I can. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, and I have to ask for help. This is one of the many things that having TS has taught me, IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP!

If there is any advice I could give parents or girls with TS, I would say be patient and kind. I would say for both parents and people with TS be patient because we might need more help than other people need, so don’t get frustrated if we don’t understand something or ask you for help to reach something a lot. And be kind because we are like everyone else, we have good days and bad days, so try to make those bad days easier by doing something kind for the butterfly in your life.

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