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I'm Living Proof that We can Live Full and Vibrant Lives - by Madison Falvo

My name is Madison Falvo, and I am 20 years old. I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome (TS) at birth when my doctor noticed my size and my puffy feet. The hospital did a karyotype blood test, and I came back positive for TS.

At first, my parents were terrified because they didn't know how this would affect my life expectancy or ability to live independently, but soon many of their fears were relieved after doctor’s appointments and research. When I was about four, my family moved to Anchorage, Alaska and I have LOVED it here ever since!

I have always done well in school, and now I am graduating with my bachelor’s in biblical and educational studies at Liberty University with a 4.0; and I am going to move on to my Master of Divinity (hopefully getting accepted into Beeson at Samford)!

I am living proof that TS girls can live full, vibrant lives!

There have been hard times as well. People tend to treat me differently. I always feel like I must prove myself above and beyond what other people have to. I always get a little backlash from people despite my goals and working very hard. I have been asked if I have Asperger’s even when the person knew I did not match symptoms and was just trying to cut at me when we were alone.

In addition, some of my personal beliefs have been attributed to my "TS brain not being able to comprehend anything else". Currently, I do not drive but hope to eventually (I sometimes find driving confusing). However, making it into Grad School speaks different volumes about my cognitive abilities, and through God's grace I have overcome!


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