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I'm a Pretty Positve Person - by Casey Marler

Hi, my name is Cassandra but to everyone I'm Casey! I was fortunate enough to be diagnosed with Turner syndrome (TS) before birth. The doctors told my mom I would have a lot of health complications along with struggling in school. I did have an IEP growing up, but eventually was taken off.

I now hold an associate degree in child development and work full-time at a childcare center with toddlers. I took growth hormone shots and stopped for a while, and that was an adventure in itself. I would say my biggest challenge is knowing that I've always wanted to have kids and finding out at age 12 that would not be a possibility.

I am 28 and some days are harder than others as I watch the people I grew up with have families of their own. I like to think that I am a pretty positive person, considering certain circumstances. I would never take this life for granted as I know that I am even lucky to be living it. If you look at me, I am textbook Turner syndrome diagnosis, but that's not all I am! There is much more to me, and I hope everyone can see that.


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