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I LIve a Whole and Fulfilling Life - by Kate Caszatt

Hello! My name is Kate, and I am 33 with classic Turner syndrome (TS). I am 4 ft 6 and have a lot of the classic physical characteristics of TS. Luckily, my health is pretty good overall, though I wear glasses and hearing aids and have had my share of surgeries growing up.

I graduated in the fall of 2020 with my master’s degree in counseling and am working full time as an Administrative Assistant while I transition into the field of mental health. Though certain things have been more of a challenge having TS, I have been able to live a whole and fulfilling life for myself, getting my license at 31 and have been fortunate enough to have steady work. I enjoy reading, travel, spending time with loved ones, and discovering new shows to watch. I live with my partner and our pets (two cats and one dog).


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