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Hoping to Meet New Friends at the Conference - by Emily Limbach

My name is Emily Limbach and I have Turner's syndrome (TS). My TS was diagnosed before I was born. I was adopted by a single mom who is a neonatal nurse practitioner (she was at my delivery). She taught me increasingly more about my TS as I grew up, and I am now very comfortable being who I am and taking care of myself and my health with my mom's support.

I also have a cognitive disability and was in special education from kindergarden through 12th grade. I had many good teachers to help me with my challenges, but my favorite teacher was Mrs. Roth. She gave me confidence to be the best person I could be. As an adult, I now call her by her first name "Aimee", and we text and talk frequently.

I completed the Project Search program after I graduated from high school. This is a 9-month job preparation program for persons with cognitive disabilities. This prepared me to be gainfully employed. I am currently working at a restaurant washing dishes. I enjoy my job and my co-workers.

I live in a condo that I rent from my mom. I have help through a community program with cooking and housekeeping. I have two little dogs, Pickles and Bentley. I am a member of the Community Best Buddies program. My best buddy is Haley who is a medical research doctoral student in Milwaukee. We are both ABBA fans and are going to our 3rd ABBA-MANIA concert in a few weeks. The picture below is Haley (on the right) and me at our last concert. We also like to go to movies. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz because I really like the story and all the characters, but it also reminds me of my grandmother every time I see it as she told me it was the very first movie she saw in a theater when she was a little girl. I hope to meet a lot of new friends at the TSSUS Conference this summer in Houston.


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