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Both Give and Receive Help - by Leslie Heilig

Hi! My name is Leslie Heilig, and I was diagnosed with TS at the age of 16 (maiden name Garcia). I am 60 years old, and I retired from a federal government career of 26 years. I live in Shiloh, Illinois with my husband Chris and dog Gil. I have several of the medical conditions common for women with Turner syndrome (TS), such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroid, heart, hearing, celiac, kidney, and mental illnesses.

However, I greet each day ready to pursue joy, adventure, challenges, and order (staying fairly organized). I enjoy music, cooking, reading, TV, volunteering in community activities, and time with my friends and family. I am proud of my accomplishments which would not have been possible without the love and support of the people in my life.

I get inspiration from other people who weather the storms that life brings and maintain a positive, winning attitude. My favorite books and movies portray such people and add to the energy I get from people in my life.

The advice I would give to my younger self is to be mindful of how you spend your time. You have a purpose in life to fulfill, so keep focused on the balance between mind, body, and soul to bring your best self to purpose every day. Also, you have two hands: one to reach out for help when you need it and the other to lend to others who need your help. You are not alone.


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