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An Inspiration to All - by Kelli Tedder

Being diagnosed in the early 1970’s with mosaic Turner syndrome (TS), we did not have the support or research as we do now. The research being done is allowing for more treatments and the emotional support in the community is amazing!

It was and still is difficult for me. But I am so truly blessed to have achieved the things I have. It was hard work, but I have worked as a pharmacy technician for more than 30 years. I am nationally certified and have completed 2 of 4 courses needed to become an advanced certified pharmacy technician.

Learning has been one of my greatest struggles. In my job I had the pleasure of meeting parents of a child with Turner syndrome and I had the chance to share my story. Since I am a mosaic, I was able to have 3 perfect children and am the proud granny of 2 precious grandchildren. Reading the trials and successes of the wonderful ladies in an inspiration to all.


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