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Always Be Thankful for What You Have, Instead of Grieving What You Don't - by Alisabeth Catlett

I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome (TS) at birth. The doctor who delivered me had me checked immediately to confirm it. I started having my thyroid monitored and have been on Synthroid since a very young age. I began to take growth hormone at age 8 up until age 13 when I started my monthly cycle on my own . It was then that I started estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Birth control didn't help as much with anxiety and stress relief. I do get emotional at times, but for the most part, it's controllable. I did average in school: I just sometimes needed one-on-one help, then I understood the assignments and material.

I did attend some college and currently do office work at a local medical clinic. I do struggle with not being able to have children of my own, but have come to terms with it being God's will for me and am thankful for the healthy life I have had that otherwise could have been different. I do not have the heart issues associated with TS. I am happily married to a sweet man who is very sensitive to my emotional needs. Always be thankful for what you have instead of grieving what you don’t.


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