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TS Butterflies Can Do Anything! by Lexie Friddle

Hello! My name is Lexi and this is my Turner syndrome (TS) story. When I was born prematurely, I had a lot of health issues. The most obvious was lack of growth and I was constantly sick. It took years of testing and frustration to finally get my diagnosis.

Our family had changed insurance companies and we had my first appointment with a new pediatrician. I was 4 years old, and when we came in the provider seemed judgmental. His manner was not very professional with my mother because he believed I was being neglected. She handed over my mile high stack of medical records and wished them good luck in figuring it all out. They returned to the room apologetically, and after tucking my hair behind my ear, he recommended I have the karyotype testing done to determine if I had Turner syndrome. He only knew of it after having written a paper during medical school and recognized the short stature and low-set quality of my ears!

Since then, I have been able to receive proper care as outlined in the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care of Girls and Women with Turner Syndrome and I feel blessed by the support of my loved ones and our community. I started Kindergarten in a size 2T, but with growth hormone and other health interventions I have been able to thrive!

Special shout out to parents of those with Turner syndrome like my mama, who have had to fight for understanding and proper care for us within the medical realm! I was diagnosed with Mosaic TS, and have mainly experienced the common short stature, infertility, joint issues, asthma, immune deficiencies, and recently, a type of dysautonomia of the heart.

Through it all, I have been able to successfully complete my Bachelor of Science in Community Health degree and am completing NAU's Physician’s Assistant program! TS Butterflies can do anything, and to anyone facing a new diagnosis for their child or themselves, we are all here for you! I am so grateful to have found my Turners family here in Arizona and beyond! Happy Turners Syndrome Awareness Month!


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