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My Mom is My Biggest Advocate - by Kara Britton

Hi, my name is Kara. I turned 30 in the fall. I was diagnosed with mosaic Turner syndrome (TS) at 16. A somewhat traumatic appointment with an endocrinologist and a geneticist around that time revealed problems with my fertility. I’m fine with it now though, even though I have my moments.

My mom has been my biggest advocate and cheerleader and played a role in me getting diagnosed. I’m so thankful for her, my sister, and my dad. Anyway, I have anxiety, ADHD, and thyroid problems that may very well be linked to TS. Other than that, my health is alright.

Despite a hatred for school, I have an associate degree. Also, I have a blog called The Up Side and got into plants about a year and a half ago. My blog and plants have done wonders in helping me with my anxiety. I had my first bone density test in 2020, that’s an important to do for those of us with TS considering the lack of some hormones can lead to bone issues. It’s also important to get cardiovascular and hearing checks too! Thank you for reading and happy TS Awareness Month.


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