Volunteer with Us

Our organization is dependent upon the efforts and skills of our amazing volunteers.  Each helping hand ultimately reaches a parent who has a question, a woman who wants a family, or a girl who feels misunderstood.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Become a Resource Group Leader

  • Apply for the TSSUS Board of Directors

  • Host a Chasing Butterflies Walk

Service Opportunities

  • Contribute time and/or resources to a local event

  • Contribute time and/or resources to a conference

  • Spend time helping at the national office ( if you are in the Houston area)

  • Reach out to a newly-diagnosed person/family

Follow the monthly e-mail updates for continual volunteer opportunities.  We understand most people have limited time, therefore we offer many opportunities that have varying commitments.  Thank you for considering joining our team!

Create Awareness

  • Share your story by speaking at an event

  • Set up an information table at a library, community center, or other events

  • Wear/ carry logo gear from the TSSUS Butterfly store

  • Create awareness through social media

Creative Opportunities

  • Write an article for the TSS Connect or blog (coming soon)

  • Help produce graphic designs

  • Be a photographer at a local event or walk