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The Turner Syndrome Society United States (TSSUS) is dependent on the time and talents of our amazing volunteers. When someone reaches out to TSSUS, our mission is to connect them with the best resource, which is often someone just like you. Additionally, we are always looking for people willing to support TSSUS directly.

Subscribe to eNewsletters for continual volunteer opportunities.  We understand most people have limited time; therefore we offer many opportunities that have varying commitments. Thank you for considering joining our team!

Please contact our office at 800-365-9944 or email We will be glad to answer your questions or connect you with a volunteer.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Become a Support Group Leader

  • Apply for a position as a TSSUS Board Member

Service Opportunities

  • Contribute time to coordinate a local event

  • Contribute time to volunteer for the TSSUS conference

  • Spend time helping at the national office
    (if you are in the Houston area)

  • Share your personal experiences and encourage others on specific topics, such as growth hormone therapy, relationships, IVF, adoption and employment.

Create Awareness

  • Host a Chasing Butterflies Walk

  • Share your story by speaking at an event such as a medical school

  • Set up an information table at a library, community center,
    or other event

  • Wear/carry items with the TSSUS logo from the
    TSSUS Butterfly store

  • Create awareness by sharing TSSUS posts through social media

Creative Opportunities

  • Write an article for the TSSUS Newsletter

  • Write a Story about an experience related to TS

  • Be a photographer at a local event or walk

  • Identify errors on the TSSUS website

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