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I Would Not Change A Thing by Shela Gilbert

Hello, my name is Shela and this is my TS story. I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome (TS) at an early age - probably around 4. I was blessed in two ways; I had some great doctors that took good care of me and helped me understand TS, and my parents instilled in me that Turner syndrome does not define me but is a piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am.

School had challenges. Math was difficult at times along with other learning issues that we butterflies struggle with. In high school it was very hard watching my peers grow and start looking like adults while I stayed tiny and so young-looking. One thing I did truly enjoy in high school was being on the speech team.

I did have health Issues. Lots of ear infections, dislocating knee, and scoliosis, which required some surgeries. After I graduated high school I attended Christ For The Nations bible college and studied Children’s Ministry. Working with kids brings me so much joy. The rest of my dream to become a wife and mother did not come true until I was a little older. I was 36 when I got married and 46 when a 15 year-old boy needed us and he became our son. I am going to be 50 in a few months.

The still have health issues to deal with. I have hearing aids because all the ear infections caused hearing loss. I have high blood pressure, thyroid nodules, Hashimoto’s disease, and a hiatal hernia. Overall, Turner syndrome did not stop my dreams from coming true. They may look a little different than I expected but my life is full and I would not change a thing. That Is my TS story in a nutshell.


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