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I'm Blessed to Have My Golden Butterflies Mentors and Friends - by LaShelle Jennings

Hi, my name is LaShelle Jennings. So, this is 48! Here is My TS Story. I was born in west Texas (small town outside of Lubbock) in 1973. I was a preemie and was fortunate that my doctor was familiar with Turner syndrome (TS). I was diagnosed at birth, which was confirmed by a karyotype test. My classic symptoms were webbed neck and puffy hands and feet.

I had several ear infections and ear tubes throughout childhood. Beginning at age 6, I would get debilitating migraines and had a coarctation repair which we still monitor closely. I managed well through school - having to work extra hard at math. I navigated life as a butterfly with my dearest friend who was introduced to my family by a doctor who knew we, and our parents, would need each other. I think it’s important to note that our amazing parents need to know they’re not alone, too.

We’re still the best of friends 40+ years later! I’m fortunate that I’m comfortable enough to drive anywhere with GPS, and so it was off to college where I got my Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. I always enjoyed computers, so I got my technical certification and spent my career putting the two together doing tech support for restaurant groups.

In 2001, I married the love of my life. I’m so thankful God made him for me, and I can’t imagine sharing life’s journey with anyone else! Adulthood has brought new challenges and again I’m blessed to have the friendships and mentorship of our Golden Butterflies. Here’s just a quick list of some of my medical challenges today: I wear hearing aids, have iron deficient anemia, and I have GI issues. I’m also challenged with managing stress and anxiety, edema in my feet, and finding an adult endocrinologist. I wouldn’t be who I am without THE most amazing parents, husband, family, and friends. I am Turner Strong!


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