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"I Am Happy" by Mallory Anderson

Hello! My name is Mallory. I was born a preemie at just 3lb 6oz. My pediatrician was an older doctor. He recognized some of the Turner syndrome (TS) features in me because he had a sister with TS. Around the time I turned two years old, we ordered the karyotype blood test. Yep, I was diagnosed with the mosaic TS pattern and was referred to UCDMC in Sacramento.

I went for all kinds of testing and my parents were very glad I did not have the heart valve issue. What a blessing that was! I have ADHD and struggled in school. I had an IEP and spent part days in Special Ed. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with hyper triglycerides and diabetes. During my senior year of high school, at age 18, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

I graduated high school with my friends in 2015. I have done some college, but it was difficult. I live with family but have independence. My OCD and anxiety make it difficult to be too far from my mother. I am working on it and taking medication for the anxiety, and I just recently decided to do so. I am happy.


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