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Be Yourself! - by Tamera Dreher

Hi, I am Tamera Dreher and II have classic XO Turner syndrome (TS). I was born in 1960 when there was not as much know about TS as there is today. I had the good fortune to have a pediatrician who was ahead of his time. I was tested at 2 years old and went to a pediatric endocrinologist at 8 years old.

They did X-rays on my hands at 10 to determine if my growth plates had closed. It was decided that I wouldn’t have growth hormone. They didn’t have the synthetic kind they do now. I have had just about everything TS can throw at you, including aortic bicuspid valve, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, primary immune disorder, ear infections, and hearing loss.

I am now a Golden Butterfly at 61 years old! There have been challenges and Triumphs along the way. It has made me who I am today. I never let it stop me. I became a registered nurse (RN) with an associate degree and worked for 34 years.

The one thing I have learned in this life is Be Yourself! I am proud to have contributed to the knowledge that now makes the younger girls lives better and healthier.


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