Cream of the Crop

July 5, 2018


We're the Cream of the Crop,

One out of every 2,000 are we

(at least that’s the number given to me).

Each unique in her own way

with her own special qualities.


We meet at conventions,

locally, internationally.

We gather, showing

the world our pride.

Greeting old friends,

meeting new ones, worldwide.


We learn of new inventions,

new miracles, the "state of the art."

And families, parents, and spouses attend.

They give moral support.


Not many know us, though,

accept that we are small.

We achieve just as much

if not more

when we give it our all.


Really, only some 2 percent of us

survive inside the womb

to be born,

to live.


That's why we're the Cream of the Crop.

The women with Turner syndrome.

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