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Thank you, Butterflies, for making this year’s conference one of the best ever!

It was educational, lots of fun, and – most importantly – a wonderful event for caring and sharing the TS experience ... old friends reunited and new friendships were forged. For people unable to attend this year, our Facebook page was a great way to experience the excitement. The festive western atmosphere was contagious. We must have set the world record for selfies! 


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Cindy Scurlock, M.A., L.P.C.
President & CEO

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Nationwide Shortage of Growth Hormone Norditropin Continues

We continue to monitor Novo Nordisk for information about a nationwide shortage of the growth hormone drug Norditropin®. Due to manufacturing delays, the company is unable to provide a consistent supply of Norditropin product to the U.S. market, beyond the limited quantity already available as of January and February 2023. We have no updated information about when the supply will be stabilized.


Novo Nordisk acknowledges that continuity of treatment is of utmost importance for patient care and recognizes that any type of interruption in daily GH treatment can result in suboptimal outcomes in TS patients. The advice is to check your supply of Norditropin®, and update your physician of current stock levels. If you have a sufficient supply, no action is needed. Your health care provider is working on patient-specific solutions for those with little or no supply of GH. Please contact your health care provider only if your supply is low so that they may work on a patient-specific solution for you. We have also become aware of supply shortages for other brands of growth hormone.


Please rest assured that Novo Nordisk is doing everything they can to improve the situation and will keep us updated. If you have concerns, you can contact the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States at 800.365.9944 or

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This storyline will continue on the show.


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