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2023 TSSUS National Turner Syndrome Conference

This year's Conference attendees stepped into the wild west in Houston, Texas. Anticipation of seeing one another after 3 long years peaked on Friday. Over 650 people shared the excitement of taking photos, and learning as a group, from experts one-on-one, and from one another. Over half of the attendees had TS, the other half were mostly parents, significant others, and family members. About 30 medical speakers and volunteers from the Houston area supported the conference by sharing their knowledge and offering health screenings.


Friday allowed people to connect with each other through small groups based on ages and in sessions revolvIng around mental health and learning and behavior.


Saturday was a deep dive into the medical aspects of TS based on the TS clinical practice guidelines. To offset the  intense information download we enjoyed an inspiring speaker on not giving up and dressing stylishly for a petite figure. The evening capped  off a busy day with karaoke and a DJ dance party with a wide variety of music.


Sunday allowed people to share experiences and learn from one another about daily needs related to TS. Aside from official conference happenings, people enjoyed decorating their own cowboy hats and going to NASA.


There was an impromptu bridal shower, an engagement celebration, a tea outing for those with diverse ethnic backgrounds, and gatherings by the pool, bar and in people’s rooms to catch up and get to know one another.


Understandably, not everyone who wants to attend the annual conference can, but there’s more coming!  We look forward to making the conference session videos available for your viewing. And, of course, we all hope you will take advantage of the re-energized online social and educational events and the local events taking place near you.  In the meantime, start saving money to attend the next conference, (location unknown at this time) because almost 100% of those who filled out the conference survey said they definitely recommend the experience to friends!

Thank you Ascendis and Novo Nordisk for your generous sponsorship of the 2023 Conference.

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