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Resources for learning and behavioral needs

"Every Student Succeeds" Act;

education law for public schools

What You Need to Know (link)

Driving and TS

Livescribe Smart Pen- helpful tool for taking notes in class (link)


Beckham Linton,M.A., CCC-SLP

Heartland Social Learning Center

Social Coaching, Language and Communication Coaching

Diane McLean2.jpg

Diane McLean,MEd, PCC 

Odyssey Learning, LLC

Life Coaching for ADHD and Executive Functions

Odyssey Learning can help you develop important executive functions to accomplish your goals.


Barbara Bissonnette,CPC

Forward Motion Coaching

Career and Employment Coaching

In-person coaching available in Massachusetts; Skype and telephone coaching available nationwide and in Europe.

Dean Mooney.jpg

Dean Mooney,PhD, LCP,LSP

Maple Leaf Clinic

Neuropsychology, Nonverbal Learning

Neuropsychological, educational, psychological, speech and language, and social thinking assessments and therapy  for children, adolescents, and adults.

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