Daily Life with Turner Syndrome

If you have Turner syndrome, you've probably realized that you are similar and different from others with TS. As in the typical population, some people excel on a daily basis and others struggle, yet most experience life somewhere in between. For example, one of our members, Catherine, has TS and is a geneticist. In fact, there are quite a few medical doctors that have TS, yet they are a small percentage of our membership. We also have members who love their life yet can't live independently, they too make up a small percentage of our membership. Most members live a typical life yet recognize TS influences certain aspects of their life. Information about the topics below is routinely requested.

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Driving Skills


Learning to drive or driving may be more difficult for you than it is for your friends. Driving requires many skills to be performed at the same time and there are known challenges specific to those who have TS. The good news is that with determination and practice, you should have the opportunity to get your drivers license and safely get where you need to go. 

Finding your way requires spatial abilities that are commonly not a strength for many with TS. A navigation system in your vehicle or on your phone is important, according to your peers that have TS.

Driving Interventions & Resources for someone with TS (Skill-building) 

Driving tips and encouragement for someone with TS

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