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Identifying Challenges

Recognize the Turner syndrome symptoms you might be experiencing.

Learning and Behavior

We hear you.

Learning and Behavior

Common Conditions  •  Common Challenges      Identifying Challenges   •   Care Recommendations   •   Resources

Steps to Identifying Challenges and Seeking Treatment

1. Get curious. You and/or your child can notice patterns in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Once you’ve identified these patterns, see if they match the Common Challenges. Check out some of the resources. 

2. Talk to a parent, doctor, or another trusted adult. Ask if they’ve noticed the same issues. Discuss what they think is the best course of action.

3. Ask your doctor or your child’s regular doctor if you haven’t already, to get their opinion. They will likely recommend evaluation by a developmental pediatrician, mental health care provider or neuropsychologist. 

4. Go see the recommended specialist. They will evaluate for a mental health or developmental condition and/or discuss treatment options. It’s common for them to refer you to another specialist (including speech and language therapist or occupational therapist) for further evaluation.

5. Discuss with your parents or a trusted adult the treatment options suggested by your regular doctor and specialists. This usually includes medication and therapy.

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TS and Driving

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