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Conferencia Nacional sobre el Síndrome de Turner 2020 TSSUS

July 19-20

The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States (TSSUS) National Turner Syndrome Conference is an annual event that offers presentations about TS health information and opportunities for attendees to learn from one another in an age-appropriate environment. Join 600 of your peers in Orlando, FL this year! We look forward to seeing you there!

Once you’ve registered for the conference, be sure to join our private Conference Facebook group.
Cancellation policy: Should you need to cancel your registration, a 50% refund will be offered up until May 21, 2024. Any cancellations after May 21, 2024 will not be refunded.


Youth Program Schedules


High School

Middle School

Grades 3-5

Grades K-2

Pre-K and those 3-9 years without Turner syndrome 

Those without Turner syndrome 10 years old and older


3 Main Conference Goals


To provide information for adults living with TS and family members of those with TS. Our medical presenters and panelists are TS experts in topics most important to the TS community. Presenters include time for questions and answers because they understand attendees may not have quality resources in their local areas. Many attendees have never attended a conference; therefore, we focus on providing basic information about health conditions and health management related to TS. We incorporate interactive sessions encouraging people to learn from one another and share different perspectives to address mental health topics.


To provide opportunities for adult attendees to build and expand their support systems. We encourage people to meet others through breakout group discussions and social activities.


To provide a safe environment for youth program attendees (under 19) to make friends, have fun, and learn age-appropriate basics about TS. Children with TS create life-long friendships in our youth program as they enjoy crafts, games, and interactive discussions. They are separated by age and their affiliation to TS and include children of all abilities, which limits opportunities for outings both in and outside the hotel. Please note that if a child requires more attention than we can offer, we encourage the parent to help out in the youth room or check them in/out as needed.

The Conference is available to EVERYONE! In 2023, half of the adult attendees had TS or were parents of those with TS. More than 300 people had never attended a TSSUS conference before. About 100 children attended the youth program (75 had TS and 25 did not {siblings and children of those with TS).


Conference Registraton Fees

Individual Member Pricing (through July 5th)

$325      One Adult (18+)

Additional attendees are charged the non-member price; upgrading to a family membership is optional by contacting our office.


Family Member Pricing (through July 5th)

$325      Adult (18+)

$325      Preteen/Teen Program (ages 11-18)

$250      Child (ages 3-10 who are fully potty trained)

Non-Member Pricing (through July 5th)

$375      Adult (18+)

$375      Preteen/Teen Program (ages 11-18)

$300      Child (ages 3-10 who are fully potty trained)


On-Site Pricing (July 6th through July 20th)

$400      Adult (18+)

$400      Preteen/Teen Program (ages 11-18) 

$400      Child (ages 3-10 who are fully potty trained)


Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819


*There are 3 Rosen Hotels in Orlando and two are located on International Drive.

Special Rates for TSSUS Conference Attendees

$169.00 for up to 4 people plus 13.5% state/city tax. (July 16-23).

Make your reservation by:

   • Telephone, locally at 407-996-9842

   • Toll Free Number 1-800-204-7234

   • Website

Important Deadlines


Conference Begins: July 19


The Rosen Centre is located 12 minutes from Orlando International Airport.
Shuttle service by the Rosen Centre Hotel is not available.

More Information


See the speaker button at the top.

Conference Map2.png

Embassy Letter

  • Email to request for the letter to the Embassy on their behalf.

  • Inquiries should list the details the Embassy requirements for consideration.

  • A letter will be sent to the recipient and Embassy contact for consideration.

  • Any inquiries or questions can be sent to or by calling the office at 800-365-9944

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