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Chasing Butterflies Walks
The Official Fundraiser for TSSUS

Chasing Butterflies Walks (CBW) are a national signature fundraising event for TSSUS, and they support our mission to advance knowledge, facilitate research, and provide support for everyone touched by Turner syndrome (TS). Our Walks bring those with TS, and their families and friends together in a fun and supportive way to raise much-needed funds and awareness for TS.
Donate to a specific walk
Scroll through the Event Calendar to find a specific walk then click the Register/Donate link.

Register as an individual

  • Participate in the walk.

  • Donate as well, if you want.

  • Have fun attending the walk!


Join a walk team

  • Support a friend or family member on their team.

  • Sign up to be on their team.

  • Invite your friends and family to join you or donate.

  • Participate in the walk.

  • Donate as well if you like.

  • Have even more fun!


Create a Team

  • Create your personal fundraising page on social media

  • Share your TS story or let people know why creating awareness and raising money for the TS community is important to you.

  • Share your page.  

  • Invite your friends and family to join you in creating awareness and raising funds.

  • Remind your walkers and supporters a few days before the Walk

  • Have fun!

Sponsor a Walk

  • Read the Chasing Butterflies Walk Handbook, coming soon.

  • Contact us and let us know you are interested. 800- 365-9944 – or email us

  • Pick a place to have the walk. For example, a park, church, YMCA or a fun place to have a walk.

  • Reach out to Deborah Rios to help you with ideas and answer any questions you may have about hosting a walk in your local community. 

  • Create awareness on social media to encourage your friends to participate.

  • Let Deborah know you want to add your event to the TSSUS calendar and social media.

  • Enlist some volunteers to help make the walk run smoothly.


We have lots of help to provide.

  • Reach out to Deborah Rios to help you with your ideas and answer any questions you may have.


Let's start planning!


And, of course, we always appreciate your donations to a walker or a team.

To Donate to a specific CBW or Register for a CBW, visit the Event Calendar page.

For information about Sponsoring a Walk or for additional information about Chasing Butterflies Walks, contact Deborah Rios.


"Hice un nuevo amigo en la caminata de este año".

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