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Síndrome de Turner   Mes de la conciencia

En 2010, la Sociedad del Síndrome de Turner de los Estados Unidos creó el primer Mes de Concientización sobre el Síndrome de Turner en el mes de febrero y lanzó una campaña de base a nivel nacional en las redes sociales e involucró a la comunidad TS mediante el envío de botones de concientización con el ícono de la mariposa TSSUS y "Short Happens "a todos los miembros de TSSUS.

Desde entonces, febrero se ha vuelto generalmente aceptado en todas las organizaciones de TS y la comunidad de TS como el Mes de Concientización sobre el Síndrome de Turner . Cada febrero, TSSUS crea una nueva camiseta y campaña de sensibilización.

Este año, nuestro tema es "Turner Strong" y hemos creado un kit del mes de concientización sobre el síndrome de Turner no solo para ayudar a crear conciencia, sino también para celebrar a todos y cada uno de ustedes que viven con ST todos los días porque son FUERTES.


Submit your TS Story for the TSSUS Blog.


Read daily My TS Stories on the TSSUS Blog.

Ever since TSSUS created TS Awareness Month in February 2010, it has been our goal to create campaigns that not only allow all of us to increase knowledge of Turner syndrome (TS), but to also increase knowledge within the TS community about recommended health care and self-awareness. We believe that the more you know about your condition, the better your health outcomes and quality of life will be.

With this digital Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Kit, you will have the tools to become your own best advocate, and to help increase the understanding of TS for yourself and among your family and friends.

TSSUS Digital Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Kit
Descargable Folletos del mes de la conciencia

This document is provided in pdf and jpg formats so that you can use it as an image to post on social media, and as a printable flyer to share with your families, doctors, schools, and friends.

"Be You"
Selfie Signs
3003 SelfieSign4.jpg
3003 SelfieSign3.jpg
3003 SelfieSign.jpg
3003 SelfieSign2.jpg

We encourage you to print the sign of your choice, write your name in the space provided, take a selfie or have someone snap a photo of you, and share it on your social media AND with us so that we can spotlight them all.

TS Awareness
Month Facebook
Profile Cover Graphic
FB Profile Cover 2.png

Use this graphic as your Facebook Profile cover image.


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TS Awareness Month Kit, click
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Awareness Month Photo Frames

You can either insert your own photo using an app like Canva, or you can submit your photo to TSSUS to create the image with your photo to be posted on the TSSUS

Facebook page.

Submit your photo here:

"Be You"
FB Profile
Picture Graphic

Use this graphic
as your Facebook profile picture.

School Nurse TS Screening Tool

Print this document and take it to your school nurse to help them screen for students with Turner syndrome.

TSSUS Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Guide

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