A Single Dad Counts His Blessings

February 7, 2019


Here is my story. I live in Houston, Texas, and I’m single father raising my daughter, Taylor Rae, who is 3 years old. Taylor has classic Turner syndrome.


Let me first share that she was born in Arkansas, addicted to drugs, with two traumatic brain injuries that required surgery within her first year. She was placed in foster care for 6 months. She was then placed back with her mother until I received a call from the police to come pick her up.


I had tried to get Taylor much earlier, but due to Arkansas law, I had to fight for my rights. Taylor has been in my custody since she was 13 months old. It has not been an easy road, but she is my blessing. It’s a miracle she is here today. Her mother has chosen not to be a part of her life. Taylor does not know her mother, or remember anything that has happened. She calls my mother both mommy and mawmaw. I will tell her in time as she gets older, and can understand the situation.


Taylor was diagnosed at birth with Turner syndrome. I had no idea what she had at the time. She is a happy, active, 3-year-old that is very independent with no fear factor. Doctors are amazed at her progress. She’s been on growth hormone for almost 2 years. She has tubes in her ears that have helped with her many ear infections. We continue to go to all her doctor appointments so they can monitor her health and possible issues due to TS. I wanted to share my story as a single dad. Taylor is my blessing and I can't imagine my life without her.


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