Kidney Information for Turner Syndrome

Kidney (Renal) Information


According to the TS Clinical Practice Guidelines, the authors strongly recommend a renal ultrasound at the time of diagnosis. 


Kidney anomalies affect 24-42% of those with TS, including:


  • 11% have horseshoe-shaped kidneys

  • 5- 10% have partially or totally duplicated kidneys

  • 2- 3% are absent (one kidney)

  • Less than 1% have multicystic or ectopic kidneys


Mortality related to kidney disease is 7-fold higher than in the general population.


Urinary tract infections are thought to be more frequent because of obstruction or reflux (urine flows back to the urinary tract).  Kidney scarring due to prolonged reflux or recurrent infections can result in elevated blood pressure, therefore proper intervention (including antibiotic treatment or surgical correction) is critical.



A doctor specializing in the kidneys is called a Nephrologist.


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