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Beca   Oportunidades

Las oportunidades de becas a continuación están abiertas a miembros calificados de la Sociedad del Síndrome de Turner.

Debido a la situación actual de Covid 19, las oportunidades de becas estarán en espera hasta nuevo aviso.

Reglas generales:

  • Solo los miembros pagados de la Sociedad del Síndrome de Turner pueden solicitar becas para conferencias, universidades o para enriquecimiento de la vida. Las becas de membresía están abiertas a todos los solicitantes.

  • Las becas están disponibles mediante recaudaciones de fondos y donaciones.

  • Un individuo puede recibir una beca por año.

  • Los beneficiarios de la beca no son elegibles para solicitar la misma beca el año siguiente.

Life Enrichment Scholarship

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  • You must be a current paid TSSUS member to apply.

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.

  • A life enrichment scholarship support a positive opportunity for an individual with TS of any age.

  • Examples of opportunties include attending camp, taking lessons (for fun or work), fees for music, arts, or theater, classes (non-educational), to name a few. 

  • Approved applicants receive up to $200 to offset the cost of a life enriching program.

College Scholarship

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  • You must be a current paid TSSUS members to apply 

  • Applications are accepted through August 20th 

  • Applicants attending a 2-4 year college, university, vocational/technical school, or online program are eligible.

  • Each applicant must submit a letter of acceptance.

  • We typically offer up to $500 per college scholarship to awardees. Our annual budget determines the full amount distributed.

  • Scholarship recipients who make the Dean's List may renew their TSSUS membership for 1 year free!

Membership Scholarship

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  •  Applications are accepted throughout the year and are based on financial need.

  • Awardees receive (1) individual membership scholarship for 1 year ($45 value)

  • Recipients are not eligible to apply for other scholarships within the year.

Conference Registration Scholarship

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  •  You must be a current paid member of TSSUS to apply

  • Applications will be available online from November 1 - February 15 each year.

  • All applications must be submitted online, faxed, or postmarked by February 15.

  • Awardees will have a full or partial conference registration fee waived. You will be responsible for additional costs such as hotel room fees and travel costs.

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