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Care Recommendations

Get the care you need from Turner syndrome medical professionals.

Learning and Behavior

We hear you.

Learning and Behavior

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Care Recommendations
Behavior & Learning

Recommended Next Steps

  • Evaluation by a neuropsychologist, who understands the TS brain, at these times:

    • Start of elementary school.

    • Start of middle school.

    • Late high school.

    • Whenever difficulties occur.

  • Work with a mental health care provider (including therapists and psychiatrists) as needed.

  • Toddlers and preschoolers should work with occupational and/or physical therapists as needed to help with visual-spatial and motor skills.

  • Toddlers and preschoolers should work with speech and language therapists as needed.

  • When learning or work issues are present, utilize:

    • School or work accommodations

      • Tutoring or additional job training.

      • Extension of time demands.

      • In-classroom instruction and job training that takes advantage of verbal strengths.

    • Interventions for developmental conditions.


This section was prepared by Mira Kaye Cohen, BSW, and TSSUS in consultation with Dr. Knickmeyer, Ph.D., and Dr. Mooney, Ph.D., LCP.


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