Education and Learning

The majority of girls and women with Turner syndrome have normal intelligence and many have university-level education. They excel at verbal skills, but often have difficulty in the areas of math, spatial relationships, organization and planning, and social relationships.  

Parent Toolkit

Find resources for working with school administrators, how to make school transition easier, home education, driving resources, and more.

Nonverbal Learning 


communication presents a challenge for most girls and women with TS. This can lead to poor peer  relationships and difficulty in some school subjects and employment in adults.

Executive Functioning  

Executive functions are the set of mental skills that allow one to plan, keep track of time, and problem solve. Many girls and women with TS have deficits in this area. 

Resources for Adults

From college to career, and beyond many women with TS struggle with learning challenges to varying degrees throughout life. Find resources here to help you on your journey.

Driving Skills and TS (from Rehabilitation Institute of KC)