Dentistry and Orthodontics in Turner Syndrome

How Does  Turner Syndrome Affect the Teeth?

Individuals with TS may have a wide range of dental and orthodontic issues that may include:

  •  Advanced dental age. Children's teeth may erupt early and they may lose baby teeth earlier than peers.

  • Short roots of the teeth may become a problem if the bone surrounding the roots are not strong. A review of your bone density before dental treatments is important, especially as you age.

  • An increased risk for root shortening (shrinking) that could lead to tooth loss, especially during orthodontic treatment

  • Other issues that may affect feeding/eating or speech

  • Teeth may have a thinner enamel and abnormal dentin, yet cavities are less common than the general population.

  • To prevent tooth deformities, teeth-crowding, jaw-muscle spasm, chewing difficulties, breathing obstruction, and disturbed digestion, treatment of tooth misalignment is essential.

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Recommendations from the TS Clinical Practice Guidelines 

A dental evaluation is recommended at diagnosis if no previous care has been established.

After diagnosis and throughout childhood, an annual dental evaluation is recommended, unless issues related to malocclusion or other dental/skeletal disorders necessitate more frequent screenings.

Many individuals with TS require orthodontia. Modifications that might need to be made to standard orthodontic treatment plans include antibiotic prophylaxis, adjustments to

account for altered dental morphology, and altered treatment timing due to delayed growth.

For adults an annual dental evaluation is recommended, unless issues related to misalligned teeth or other dental/skeletal disorders necessitate more frequent screenings.

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