Symptoms and Characteristics of Turner Syndrome

Symptoms and Characteristics of TS

Medical concerns:

  • chronic middle ear infections

  • hearing loss

  • distinctive heart, liver, and kidney abnormalities

  • autoimmune disorders, such as underactive thyroid and celiac disease

  • a difficulty understanding nonverbal communication, spatial relationships, such as driving or riding a bike, and executive functions

Facial appearance, such as:

  • down-turning eyelids

  • low-set and prominent ears

  • small receding jaw

  • high, narrow roof of mouth

Other characteristics:

  • Broad short neck

  • short stature (under 5')

  • delayed puberty

  • infertility

  • lymphedema (puffy hands and feet)

  • turned up nails

  • short roots of teeth 

The specific karyotype (genetic makeup of the chromosomes) does not always predict the appearance or medical symptoms of a person with TS.

Each girl and woman with TS is unique and no one person will have all of the symptoms and characteristics of TS.  The most consistent features of TS are short stature and lack of ovarian development, however, other symptoms and characteristics may appear in varying degrees depending on someone's unique genetic makeup.




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