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Driving Skills
Learning to drive or driving may be more difficult for you than it is for others. Driving requires the use of many functions to be performed at the same time and there are known challenges specific to those who have TS. 

Driving Interventions & Resources for TS 


This presentation at a recent TSSUS Conference includes a huge amount of information
and visuals including:

  • Pre-driving activities to help someone gain valuable skills and habits to make driving easier

  • Potential areas impacted by TS, such as vision, motor skills, reaction time, and anxiety

  • Driving behaviors typical to TS

  • How to teach someone to drive (helpful for those learning, improving skills, parents, and instructors)

List of Helpful Driving Tips

Teen with Turner syndrome driving

Considerations for Family Planning

If you ask a woman with TS what she considers the saddest part of her TS journey, she will most likely mention infertility. Infertility is a painful reality for many women with TS and we have a great support system for those dealing with emotions and sharing stories and experiences. We have many volunteers who are happy to share various ways they expanded their family, such as adoption through fostering or adoption agencies (national, international, private, and agency adoption processes).  

If you are interested in fertility options, the Medical Information page has a section on fertility preservation options.

There are many ways to build a family...

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