Anxiety and Turner Syndrome

According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), an estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults had an anxiety disorder in the past year. Based on a study in London by Dr. Skuse (Turner know your body ebook Chapter 21) for women with Turner syndrome, many women had some form of intense anxiety, manifested mostly as agoraphobia (a fear of public spaces, hence reluctance to leave home) and associated social anxiety (10%).  Others had specific phobias and intense associated anxiety amounting to panic attacks (5%), or generalized anxiety.  The social phobias were related to lack of social skills and a lack of confidence in social situations because of self-awareness, a realization that they are doing "something" wrong but a lack of clarity as to what that might be.


If you struggle with anxiety and would like to discuss your struggles or triumphs of overcoming anxiety, please contact our office, you are not alone.  


The Clinical Practice Care Guidelines for the Care of Women and Girls with Turner Syndrome recommendations as related to anxiety (neurocognition and behavior specifically):


  • Recommends (moderate evidence) that neuropsychology and allied behavioral health services are integrated into the care for girls and women with TS. 


  • Recommend (moderate evidence) annual developmental and behavioral screenings until adulthood with referrals as indicated.


  • Suggest (low evidence) conducting neuropsychological assessments at key transitional stages in schooling.

  • Recommend (moderate evidence) academic and occupational adjustments if indicated, to accommodate learning/performance issues.

  • Recommend (low evidence) aiming for on-time puberty and aggressive management of predictors of hearing impairment to facilitate positive psychosocial and psychosexual adaptation.


  • Suggest (very low evidence) that evidence-based interventions for cognitive or psychosocial problems in other populations may be adapted to meet the needs of girls/women with TS. ​

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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Turner Syndrome

Recognizing and Managing Anxiety, Depression,

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