Only I Can Define Who I Am

My TS story began when I was diagnosed at the age of 13. Having a mom who is just under 5’ and a father who is 5’7”, being short was never a concern. It wasn’t until I got the flu that my family physician suggested I get tested.

Those couple of years were trying as we had moved to an entirely different city and school system; I was diagnosed, and I lost my uncle to suicide. I made the decision then to never let anything but my own desires and will define who I was and what I would be able to do.

I acclimated well to the high school. I became active in choir, show choir, and cheerleading. I even won first place for my dance routine in the talent show my first year there. I got my driver’s license, started working at the

local grocery store and, started taking classes at Lorain County Community College my junior and senior years.

While working at the grocery store, I met my husband at the age of 19. I moved out with him to Cleveland and started working full time. By the age of 21, we were married, and I was training and managing a customer service department for an international electronics distributor.

I moved to Chicago with the company, and then moved back as they moved the customer service department back to Ohio. From there, I worked for a copier sales company and a jewelry manufacturer for a few years.

Finally, I found a position with Testoil, who I work for today. I am their inside sales manager and travel occasionally to represent them at trade shows. I remember the owner saying to me, “gosh I never even realize how short Angela is because of her personality and presence.”

That always stuck with me because it’s just how I am. I was never a girl with Turner syndrome named Angela. I was Angela, an awesome woman who happens to have Turner syndrome.

Being with this company, and being able to work from home, has allowed me to pursue and become successful with another passion of mine - photography. I run my own business and have recently obtained my own studio space.

My business name is Photos by Mariposa, which is the Spanish word for butterfly.

My wish and dream is that like me, every butterfly can understand they have no limits and that they can be whatever they want.

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